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Welcome, Philharmonia

Everything you need for your virtual performance is below!


Download and listen to your click track!



REQUIRED: Listening

You must listen to the provided click track while you record to make sure that your part lines up with everyone else!

REQUIRED: Headphones

You must listen to the click track with headphones when you record. This is so we don’t hear it on the final recording!


Follow the instructions on the recording by clapping on count 9 at the beginning and following the instructions at the end.

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Download and Practice your music!

Practice Slowly

Make sure that you understand every rhythm, articulation, and technical passage.

Get used to the space

Practice in the space where you’ll record, so that it’s super easy when it’s time to perform.

Practice Performing

Once you can comfortably play all notes and rhythms at tempo, practice along with the clicktrack to make sure your pitch and timing is spot on.


Prepare your personal recording studio

Pick a Tidy Location

Choose an uncluttered indoor area without a ton of stuff in the background.

Erase Background Noise

Turn off all fans, air conditioning, TV, and anything else that could interfere with your recording.

Turn off Notifications

Set your phone to Airplane Mode and Do Not Disturb to avoid ruining your best take.

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Frame your perfect angle

Film in Landscape (Sideways)

Be sure to use the rear camera on your phone for the highest quality!

Make sure YOU are in the frame!

Set-up your video so that you are facing your camera and your face and instrument are clearly visible.

Check your Lighting

Make sure the brightest light in the room is in front of you! Check for any shadows or dark spots.


Record like a pro.


Holiday Spirit Attire

Get ready

Start recording BEFORE you start the click track

Make sure your chair, music stand, music, and headphone cables are set-up that you can quickly and easily start the click track and get into position to perform.

Count the clicks while you get ready to play. On the 9th Click, Clap 1-time.


Record straight through the piece, counting through all rests and the 9 extra clicks at the end.

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Submit your performance

Check your Work

  • Listen and watch your video. Are you in frame?

  • Is your sound clear or is it distorted?

  • Did you miss any notes, rhythms, or articulations?

  • Check for anything that may be distracting and re-record if you see or hear anything that is out of place.

Upload your performance recording

Once you’re happy with your performance, use the UPLOAD buttons below to submit your recording!