Band Syllabus Fall 2018

Please click here for the Fall of 2018's band syllabus.​​

Instrument Usage Fees

There is a $75 yearly fee and contract for students using PFISD-owned instruments. This instrument usage fee is due August 1, 2018. Please click here for the contract.

Google Classroom for Grade Snapshots

Academic excellence is a necessary part of any successful band. In an effort to help students maintain passing grades in their classes, the Hawk Band requires students to submit "grade snapshots" once a week.

The Hawk Band uses Google Classroom in order to collect these grade snapshots. In order to access Google Classroom, please click here

The class code for the Hawk Band Google Classroom is: 6214an4

Charms Recording Studio

Students are required to record cuts from etudes and marching movements that have been selected for their instrument. The Hawk Band uses Charms Recording Studio to collect these recordings. For instructions on how to access the Charms Recording Studio, click here.

Pass Off Assignments - Fall 2018

Studies - Woodwinds

Studies - Brass

All-State Etudes